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Super Terrific American Thing: Tampon Booze Flasks



If you’d rather your mouth be the thing absorbing the most liquids, Smuggle Your Booze has the perfect disguise for those Bloody Mary shots – fake tampons to hold your liquor and give your liver that not-so-fresh feeling. Most companies would have some kind of disclaimer that this was for entertainment purposes only, but not these folks – they’re 100% outspoken about their intent to help you bring alcohol into places it isn’t legally permitted, and the fact that they chose tampons, bra inserts and sunscreen bottles as the smuggling devices because male security guards won’t investigate those too thoroughly, if at all.

It’s playing with fire, though. Once security guards are aware these do exist, more women are likely to get even creepier patdowns, which is not something anybody sane wants to see. So for the love of Jeebus, don’t get caught with one of these things. Do what I do – stare at the picture for a while going, “Huh-huh, it says tampon,” and then move on to the next article about toys or something.

Or just fill a plastic water bottle with vodka, like everyone else does. So I’m told.

(P.S. Julia’s reaction to this news was “Cool!”)

via Laughing Squid