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TARDIS Hockey Jersey Winner


So, which one of you gets to take this bad girl home? It’s time to find out.


One thing I would suggest to future contest entrants is that your entry needs to stand out, and if, for purely hypothetical example, 20 other people have already written about how John Hurt comes between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston and starts the time war, you might want to try an alternate theory.

I asked not how the John Hurt storyline on Doctor Who will play out, but how it should. That left quite a bit of room for creative thinking. While some of the honorable mentions did go with the obvious in some regards, they added at least one new detail that stood out.

Click on through and you’ll see what I mean…

thecalebg, I thought, did the best serious/likely answer, and in the most detail.

My idea starts with two basic facts:
1) John Hurt is the 8th Doctor
2) Clara is the TARDIS
These will be explained.
We start with the ending of the movie from 1996. The Eighth Doctor launches off on his own adventures, which leads directly into the Time War. This Doctor suffers through horrors of the War, and commits brutal deeds to bring about his eventual victory. When the dust settles, he is a broken and bitter Doctor. He has lost his ideals and become what he originally decided to stand against. He travels long and far, trying to come to terms with himself and his deeds. His quest for comfort and peace fails and he descends deeper into angst and despair. The Doctor starts throwing himself into one dangerous situation after, seeking either insight into his situation or the relief of death. He ages terribly and quickly and receives one deadly wound after another. But he refuses to regenerate. He siphons all of his regeneration energy off into the heart of the TARDIS itself and continues on his mad quest.
Finally, millions of years beyond the end of all time, the Doctor sits alone and abandoned. After an age of nothing but silence and seething anger, a new thought enters his mind. He is now obsessed with changing history and undoing the horrors of the Time War. He launches himself off and sets into his terrible work. Centuries pass. The universe is in chaos around him, laid waste by his insane experiments. He has stripped the TARDIS down to its bare frame, sacrificing almost all of it to power his craziness. He has created and destroyed alternate universes. He has established paradoxes and pulled entire worlds through them. But all of his work is for naught. The Time War still happens, and he still kills everyone.
Eventually, he decides in one last fit of madness to enter his own time line and attempt to manipulate his history directly. The TARDIS fights against him, but she is too weak by this point. The Doctor abandons his own body and becomes a being of pure time energy. He starts to change every part of his own life, which starts to rip history apart. His actions are evident in story elements we are familiar with that are yet to be fully explained, such as Amy’s crack in time and the exploding TARDIS. As this continues, the universe completely falls apart. Every thread of time and space unravels, but the Doctor continues his mad quest.
After eons pass and all existence is about to collapse, the TARDIS scrapes together enough energy to pump the regeneration energy the Doctor siphoned off and channels it into the abandoned body of the Doctor. Eventually, the body absorbs enough to regenerate and becomes the Ninth Doctor. But since history has almost completely disintegrated, there is no world for this new Doctor to inhabit and he starts to fade away. The TARDIS digs deep into her own heart, turns the last vestiges of the regeneration energy inward, finds the remaining bits of love of the Doctor from Rose, and uses that to create Clara. Clara vanishes into the time stream and starts to reestablish past events. The Ninth Doctor comes back into reality with memory of the Time War but not of his evil actions as the Eighth Doctor. He starts off on his adventures that we have seen.
As we catch up to the current events of the series, we see the Eleventh Doctor who has managed to regain some memories of his darkest days and actions during his solitary adventures before Clara entered his life. When he enters his grave, he knows that the two beings of pure time energy, will clash and could possibly set another cataclysmic event into motion. Eleven tries to convince Eight to stand down, but Eight has spent the eons creating an army from his nightmares. Clara awakens and starts to channel the power of Eleven’s TARDIS to help stop Eight. The fight is intense, and she again pushes herself to her limits. This cracks open her heart once again, and a rift opens, pulling Ten and Rose through. They join to struggle, but both sides fight to a stalemate.
Finally, Eleven realizes there is no way to bring an end to Eight’s madness. This is what has been haunting him over the centuries. He will have no true rest until he comes to terms with what he was and will become. Eleven lets himself absorb the energy of Eight. As he struggles to deal with this influx of new memory, the stress pushes his tired body to the limits. He finally cracks and starts to regenerate. As the process consumes him, he expresses his true fear of reuniting with the darkest version of himself and fading away. The AI River Song comes to his side to comfort him. Before Ten and Rose are pulled back through the rift to their own timeline, they work some magic at the TARDIS controls and pull a version of Eleven’s essence out of the regenerating body and transfer it to the Library database to be with River.
We see Eleven wake up with River, and he begins to cry with relief. He is finally free. River smiles and shows him a monitor. Here we see the TARDIS with Clara standing outside. She smiles, knowingly. Regeneration energy bursts forth, then the door swings open.
Fade to black.

EvilMonkeyPope‘s second paragraph is what won me over

John Hurt is playing the original incarnation of the Doctor. The reason he disgraced that name is that he instigated the Time War. The current Doctor & Clara will give him a guilt trip about all the terrible things he’s done. To atone for this, the Hurt Doctor will travel back in time to the dawn of Gallifreyan civilization and help Omega & Rassilon perfect time travel as the Other. This will finally make the 80’s Cartmel Masterplan canon. Afterwards he’ll regenerate into the William Hartnell version of the Doctor but keep his true identity as the worst & greatest of all Time Lords a secret by deliberately scoring Theta Sigma on his Prydonian Academy exams.

The greatest impact of this story is that the Hurt Doctor will officially be the First Doctor. The BBC will reissue all its previous Doctor Who merchandise under the revised numbering (William Hartnell is now the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton becomes the Third Doctor, & so for forth) so that all OCD Whovians will have to double dip. After they’ve spent all their money on the retcon-packaged memorobillia, the BBC will rerelease Hurt Doctor goods as the Zero Doctor or the Other whilst going back to the original numbering for the previous Doctors. It’s a diabolical marketing ploy.

GrimlockPrime just had to nuke the fridge.

We discover that he is really another Gallifreyan who escaped to Earth.? However, his TARDIS was destroyed in the voyage & he remained stranded in the early 1950s.

While adapting to his new life, he went insane trying to uncover evidence of an alien invasion in Peru. Through circumstances that are not revealed, John Hurt somehow made if from South America to his current location in “The Name of the Doctor”
The 11th Doctor travels back to 1957 Peru and aids his new friend in thwarting the invasion in a way that keeps both the aliens & human archeologists oblivious to the true nature of the climactic departure of the aliens.

At the end of the episode, John Hurt decides to stay in this time/place.? As they say farewell, The Doctor says to John “What is your name anyway?”

To which Hurt replies “I know not my original name, but the humans here call me….. Harold Oxley”

Senorpuddin verges on fan fiction within the PG-13 rule – but also ties the Weeping Angels in brilliantly.

We learn that John Hurt’s role is that of a war worn 8th Doctor, who through a back door built into all TARDISes is summoned to Galifrey with no way of leaving until they say he can leave. Still unwilling to fight the Time Lord Council captures The First Doctor’s Granddaughter, who is an elderly lady now with no memory of her adventures with The Doctor. ?They hold her life ransom to use The Doctor as a general in their army. as the time war goes on and on The Doctor is forced through his people to take lives upon lives the guilt building forth until he realizes the only way to save his people is to destroy everyone. using the remains of an old Tardis he creates a bomb. when the council tries to stop him he says ” i will destroy this village to save it.” and he pushes the button attempting to sacrifice himself along with everyone else, but the blast throws him into the open doors of his own Tardis. Where he succums to his wounds and regenerates into the ninth doctor.?
The Eleventh Doctor listens to His previous self’s story, and says “There was another way, There is always another way” he picks up Clara and starts to walk away. but the Eighth Doctor stops him. “Please stop, If your own life means anything I must finish the story, because you are racked with guilt, but not as much as you aught to be.”
The Eighth Doctor continues that as he regenerated the Tardis had a live communication link with the Tardis rigged to explode. He watched as he and the Tardis disappeared the inner council of the Time Lords look on the blast with horror and become the first Weeping angels, Not knowing what they were or how horrible they would become to him, the Doctor took those memories and locked them into the center of his Tardis, begging it not to reveal the secret to anyone let alone himselves.?
“you see, I could never live with myself for what i had done, but i knew someday i wouldnt be me anymore and that another me would be able to live with the guilt. I think you are that better me. Fair well go now, oh and one last thing.. smashing bow tie.”?
The Eleventh Doctor walks away carrying Clara and he walks with her out of the rift and out to their friends. After ensuring that they and Clara are ok he walks away. To the Tardis, he snaps his fingers and the door opens.
“How could you keep this from me? From Me? After all these years how could you keep all of this from ME?!? Show me, Show me everything.”
A female projection starts up She is dressed in a blue dress with white trim. “This is me. But you know that. I am showing you that which i vowed never to show anyone. I’m sorry, I’m so very very sorry. but this is the second time I’ve broken that promise. “
A new projection starts with the Door shutting the Eighth dying doctor begging with the tardis and eventually dying and becoming the Ninth Doctor and we follow as the Doctor has no knowledge of The Weeping angels but all of his memories of the Time War. We watch as The Doctor falls in love with Rose, and snippets of their adventures, and we see that from time to time Rose would sneak out and talk with the tardis, and we learn that as much as Rose loved the Doctor she loved the Tardis just as much. and when the Ninth Doctor Died and regenerated into the Tenth Doctor he felt he had finnally forgiven himself for the time war. During the regeneration, the Tardis helps the Doctor into forming the Tenth doctor. We see the The female projection rubbing the doctors head unseen by anyone else. we see the tenth doctor and Rose falling for each other even more and the Tardis/female projection watches and falls a little bit for Rose herself. one night while Rose is drinking Tea by the Tardis’ main console she mutters “I wish I knew what he is running from” and the female Tardis projection appears and shows her the time war. “I promised that no one would ever see this, but you make him happy like no one ever has , if you love him you have to be able to love all of him” “I do, I understand what and why he did it, and my feelings havent changed.” “thats my girl”
We watch the Doctor and Rose get separated, and it is The Female projection that suggests the star that the doctor burns to talk to her one last time. ?when the Tenth doctor dies the female projection cries as he explodes with energy knocking the tardis out at the start of the eleventh doctor’s adventures and we see the love and affection the Tardis had for both Amy and Rory and her rage at what happened to them at the hands of the Weeping angels. we learn that it wasnt the Doctor who put himself in exile in the cave at the begining of the Bell’s of St. Joihn, it was the Tardis refusing to move Punishing him for what he did.?
“I’m sorry, for all of it. but its only out of love for you that i never showed you. could you find it in your hearts to forgive me?”
“Oh, my dear Tardis, you never have to apologize to me. now lets grab our friends?”

Username Doogie has a Doogie fixation.

HurtDoc is the Doctor’s last regeneration from the far future, from a time when he has become truly bitter and cruel from having lived too long. While River Song was born to kill the Doctor and instead dies saving the Doctor…. Clara was reborn to save the Doctor, but will end up in a scenario where she must kill him (Matt Smith) in order to save the future him (John Hurt), with her dying in the process.?
Before she dies, she speaks inspiring words of love to HurtDoc, rekindling the good in him akin to how Luke brought Anakin Skywalker back to The Force. With Clarla neatly wrapped up, HurtDoc tromps off to his future with a tear on his cheek, not sticking around because he can’t bear watching himself regenerate into “that Doctor” (rolling his eyes as he speaks those words).?
All alone, Matt Smith regenerates into a new Doctor played by an even younger actor. Think Doogie Hauser. Over the course of 2014, we watch painfully as the Doctor attempts, and fails, to grow a full beard, much to the chiding of his new companions. In the Christmas 2014 special, the Doctor declares goatees are cool.

cumush‘s last sentence is what did it.

John Hurt’s Doctor is the Doctor who fought the Time War, as surmised by many.? He could have been the 8th Doctor, aged by his experiences and the ravages of war, or the ‘true’ 9th Doctor, prior to Eccleston’s version.? In either case, he is also the Doctor who tried most desperately to be the Last Doctor by not regenerating at the end of his life.? The strange energies of the Time War had changed him physically just as its horrors had changed him psychologically.? For John Hurt’s Doctor and the ones that follow, the ‘rules’ of being a Time Lord have changed in every sense.? There are no longer a set number of possible regenerations, just as there is no longer a Time Lord culture either to support or oppose his actions.? Each regeneration could be his last, or he could have an infinity, or at least an arbitrarily large number, of them.
He is in this special because of the Matt Smith Doctor’s disavowal of him.? Trapped in his own timeline, the Smith Doctor can make some sort of sense of all his previous incarnations, except for John Hurt’s Doctor.? That Doctor acted in ways the Doctor never had, with unpredictable results that the Matt Smith Doctor refuses to accept.? The Tennant Doctor appears as intermediary — his Doctor came closest to embracing the uncertain nature of being the Doctor post Time War.? The Tennant Doctor had experimented with regeneration energy in ways that we had never seen and never suspected, and even experimented with changing so-called ‘fixed’ moments in the timestream to suit his own whims.? He turned away from this path, however, and soon after his incarnation ceased to exist.
The John Hurt Doctor represents not only the horrific actions that become necessary in war, but also that this greater power and responsibility still exists to this day within each Doctor.? The end of Matt Smith’s Doctor may come about because of a realization that, despite his brilliance, he is a more traditional Time Lord, unwilling to use the vast power of the Last Time Lord over the timestream rather than in conjunction with it.? Finally, he gives in and asks the question that must never be asked — “Who, or what, is the Doctor?”? This question does not deal with the Doctor’s past, which would be “Who was the Doctor?” or “Who became the Doctor?”? The question deals with the present.? The Doctor is the final arbiter of the timestream, one who does not just travel in time but determines its flow.? He then sacrifices himself to save Clara, using his own regenerative energy in novel ways to heal her body at the same time as he regenerates his own.
Also, the feedback causes the next Doctor to be female, not at all as a publicity stunt but FOR REASONS.

Cheer up, JimmyBones

My feeling is. John Hurts Doctor is like me right now. Not going to win at anything. Knows he is going to fail.
All in all I think he is doubt. The Doctor always “well almost” wins, and that part of him is the part that knows he is not ever going to succeed at anything. So he has cast him away.


He is the 10.5 Doctor. The one from the hand just really Older.

To punster jail you go, Calm-AV

As a huge hockey fan and a huge doctor who fan, this is such a cool item. Here is my guess on Hurt’s role in this : He was an injured doctor, part way through his regeneration. Since he was damaged in the transformation he was split into two doctors. One of them – being the healthy one turned into Eccleston the other one was buried inside from being so harmed he will be called the “Hurt” Doctor. :Rim Shot:

geekandwife seem inspired by Lost

We find out John Hurt as the Doctor went back in time and had a best friend named Davros, and they got into a drunken bet about building a better race. ?John Hurt decided to make cyberpeople and Davros made the Dalaks… And therefore the doctor killed his race by killing his race to stop the race he helped make…

SumEllisOck likes His Little Doctor

John Hurt is not the actual “Hidden” Doctor. That is a decoy. The Real “Hidden Doctor” is

arivalscientist‘s entry is alienating.

Everyone is hanging around the main inside room of the TARDIS, laughing and having a good time, when all of a sudden, John goes into convulsions and a small Dalek bursts out of his chest and scuttles away into the far reaches of the TARDIS……………

and the winner is…

detroitflip313, who actually made me LOL.

John Hurt’s character will reveal that he is actually a time Lord by the name is Rufus. Rufus travels in a blue phone booth that was always confused with The Doctor’s TARDIS so people of course confused him with The Doctor. Rufus, after a while got tired of arguing with people and explaining things so he just went with it and let everyone call him The Doctor. Well the real Doctor found out about him one day and wasn’t very happy with Rufus. The Doctor found Rufus in San Dimas one winter and had a very heated discussion. After a while The Doctor realized Rufus wasn’t actually doing anything wrong but impersonating The Doctor. He let him keep using the name if he promised to never screw with history. Rufus promised and the Doctor went on his way.
Then one day Rufus broke his promise to help two idiots pass their history class. This didn’t sit well with the doctor so he banished Rufus to a hole between dimensions. Rufus spent centuries in the darkness until one night he heard a voice. The voice offered Rufus a chance to get out of the darkness but in return he must help destroy the doctor.?

Please send me your contact info to claim the prize.