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16-Bit Blade Runner Is Talkier Than You’d Expect



On the one hand, CineFix’s reimagining of Blade Runner as a classic SNES-style game is proof that all things can acquire a coolness of their own by being put through that process, especally if they had a uniquely cool aesthetic to begin with.

On the other, it kinda reinforces the unsophisticated reaction I had to the movie as a kid: why is this future movie with Han Solo and robots so boring? I mean, you could spin-off an action game in Blade Runner‘s world, but the movie is more conceptual and cerebral, and this fictitiously playable version involves primarily dumbed-down versions of its conversations.

Rest assured, I do not find Blade Runner boring today. But a literal game version? I think it would need to have an origami level in which you must fold the perfect unicorn.

At the very least, enjoy the vintage-style soundtrack and curious gameplay after the jump.

h/t Canadian.Scott