Chris O’Dowd Wants Your Money For a Scrotum-Shaped Flying Machine



In an attempt to defuse the stigma surrounding testicular cancer, what could be better than a giant flying nutsack? One which you can help fund on Indiegogo for the Male Cancer Awareness Society, of course.

There’s always Senhor Testiculo, but he’s kinda grody. Except…they’ve given him a makeover!


You just have to love when your cartoon balls have a mouth shaped like a puckered sphincter. He’s on Twitter now, by the way. And walking the streets of the city in which I reside, apparently.

I’m all for spreading awareness, but is it possible any of this is…I dunno…counterproductive and off-putting?

After the jump you can watch Chris O’Dowd going on about “flying bollocks,” and then you can tell me. Or you could poke your eyes out.

via AccidentalBear.com

That’s right…Accidental Bear dot com.