First Robot Stand-up Comic Can’t Be Worse Than Carlos Mencia



Researchers from Queen Mary’s Cognitive Science Research Group recently tried out a robot stand-up comic at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, to see if the machine could sense reactions and adjust accordingly.

The jury’s still out, but we can report that it was a shit-ton funnier than (insert name of comedian you hate here)

We can also report that if your act involves wanting to kill all humans…yewwwww might be a robot.

If you were wondering when all humans were going to become obsolete…here’s your sign.

In Russia, machines make you funny!

What’s the deal with robot comedians? Can they transform their act, or are they sticking with humor in disguise?

Watch RoboThespian after the jump and add your own lame stand-up riff in comments below. Or even add a good one, if you can.