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Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Horse-Racing Game w/Yetis, Nude Dancing, Anal Drill Attack, More



Japan World Cup 3 is a video game about horse racing. Sort of.

Some of the horses are Trojan. Some are mechs. Some are carnival horses with human legs, and riders doing Cossack dances on their backs.

Some are manatees. Some are giraffes that can transform into elephants. Some are ballerina horses.

It’s like if that kid Billy Mumy played on The Twilight Zone grew up and threatened to wish everyone in Equestria into the cornfield. Except he’s Japanese and has seizures a lot.

As I understand it, the point of the game is to bet on the race rather than participate in it. That doesn’t make the rules any more understandable, really.

After the jump comes the gameplay video you have to see, with commentary from the guys at Achievement Hunter. Because in the land of the rising sun, there is clearly NO “of course, of course” to the statement that “a horse is a horse.”

via Laughing Squid