New Doctor Who to Be Announced This Weekend



Various UK outlets are reporting that Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Mastermind is going to be bumped from its 7 p.m. GMT slot in favor of a live Doctor Who special that will introduce the actor playing the 12th Doctor. Speculation based on virtually no evidence whatsoever has been made that it could be Peter Capaldi, but nerdy porn star April O’Neil has a pretty good point about why that’s not too likely.

Doing the U.S. math, Bleeding Cool suggests getting your butts online around 2 p.m. eastern for us USAlunders.

In the meantime – irrationally speculate away! I’d actually love to see Capaldi in the role, and will find it hilarious if all they say is, “It’s John Hurt, duh!”

Or maybe it’s whoever was going to be on Celebrity Mastermind, and that’s why they bumped it.