Zombabiez – The Cutest Little Severed Torso Costume for Infants



When I was a kid watching cartoons, I always wondered why Popeye’s baby Swee’Pea had no legs. An encounter designer Stephanie Davidson had at a party involved a guy who was thinking along similar lines

From behind me, a baby crawled out onto the porch and the guy chatting with me gave a start, cutting out mid-sentence. He then exclaimed, “PHEW, I thought it was a torso-only zombie.” It was gold, and that night, the idea for Zombabiez, the torso-only zombie baby Halloween costume, was born.

Remember, kids, zombie babies can’t bite you if they don’t have any teeth yet. And even if they do, odds of their not breaking your skin are pretty good (watch every parent correct me now with some terrifying anecdote about gushing blood in comments below).

So you can pretty much just enjoy the cuteness.

Stephanie Davidson

Provided, that is, that the Kickstarter goal is met. What, you thought some big corporation was going to risk putting these out? Only a true nerd parent would have the faith.

Help unleash…The Crawling Dead!

via Laughing Squid