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Chris Jericho, Fake Has-Been on YouTube



He’s been a wrestling champion, rock “star,” VH-1 host, reality show contestant, author and unpaid model of absurdly flashy shirts, but Chris Jericho apparently now wants to be Zack Ryder in reverse. Ryder, whose wrestling career was going nowhere, briefly put himself on the map and into main events by garnering a YouTube following; Jericho, who walks away from the main event any time he feels like it, now has an online series designed to make himself look bad for laughs.

Looking bad for laughs isn’t much different than pro-wrestling, so it should be a better fit than his tenure on Dancing With the Stars. I hope that someone on the show points out that there are teenagers alive today who have no idea what the outdated “Y2J” nickname is making fun of.

(Full disclosure: I was in a Chris Jericho music video once upon a time. I kid because I love…and because I know how low the budget was. Also because as a fan of his, I once had to utter the words, “I’ll take the large Ass Clown T-shirt, please.”)

For an advance trailer of “But I’m Chris Jericho!” hit the jump. Full webisodes premiere next week.

h/t Edwin Santos