FINALLY! “Never Gonna Give You Up” in Klingon


You have not truly experienced Rick Astley until you’ve heard him in the original Klingon.

Klingon torture used to be very unsubtle. In embracing the Rick Roll, they are adding a devious new element of mental warfare to the game, and slowly trying to drive us puny humans mad.

Click ahead if you dare…because there’s a terrifying bonus video after the jump as well.

[fake Family Guy on South Park voice]“You tink DAAAAT’S BAD?”

If there is a Topless Robot equivalent in Japan, this is what they would call a Super Terrific American Thing. From the makers of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” it’s “I Love Chinese Food.” With giant rainbow panda action and insensitive confusion of Chinese and Japanese tropes. It really is a Klingon torture device.

I know it’s not nerdy but it is a special kind of horrible I felt compelled to thrust upon you. And THAT is the nerdy part.