Horrible YouTube Comments Become Sweet, Sweet Music



I remember the first and only time I appeared in a semi-popular YouTube video. Although I was used to the occasionally inane comment on my written work, this was a whole new deal, between people calling me a fat Mexican and saying that I needed to die, preferably by my own hand. I learned pretty quickly that any comments section over there was a swamp to stay out of – but when somebody wades in and turns it into art, it’s like the Irish making valuable peat briquettes out of disgusting bogs.

(Oh, for the benefit of those who don’t know Ireland – peat briquettes are a home fuel like coal, and bogs are basically swamps. “Bog” is also slang for toilet, which tells you something.)

Point being, the YouTube Comments Choir have turned some terrible things into greatness – to partly quote Mark in The Room, these were stupid comments best NOT left in anyone’s pocket – and while I seldom intend for mini-themes to crop up in a day of posting, it just so happens that my two favorite things today were videos full of swearing.

But look at the screencap above and tell me I could not, should not have shown this to you. Then click the jump to hear it in all its glory.

via Laughing Squid