If You Only See One Filipino Movie About Gay Curses and Drag-Queen Zombies…


…it should probably be this one.


Remington messed with the wrong gay drag queen when he was a little kid, and she cursed him. Now that he’s all grown up this straight-laced jock has become fabulous and gay overnight. Unfortunately for Remington, a serial killer with an anti-gay ray gun is on the hunt for anyone different. Oh, and to make matters worse, drag queen zombies have been let loose to terrorize the town! It’s up to Remington and his ragtag group of friends to save the day in this #1 hit from the Philippines!

They had me with “Zombadings”…

They sweetened it with “a serial killer with an anti-gay ray gun” (how did Orson Scott Card not come up with that first?)…

And then they add drag-queen zombies.

If you’re in the L.A. area, this movie opens Nov. 8th at the Laemmle NoHo. I’m not sure about release plans beyond that. The trailer is after the jump, and I highly suggest watching it all the way through.