Marvel Bites: New Cap Poster & Ben Kingsley’s Return


No, Cap! That’s not a parachute on your back! It’s a vibranium shield that, at best, will protect the ground from your liquefied remains!

That, of course, is your new Winter Soldier poster.

In stranger news, Ben Kingsley has told the Belfast Telegraph that he’s doing a new secret Marvel project. Could we be looking at a Blu-ray exclusive One-Shot about the exploits of Trevor Slattery, alcoholic actor? Kingsley would seem to be at a level where you get him to do something big if you get him at all.

Shape-shifter? Life-model decoy? Or simply more Slattery? Speculate away. Maybe we will see that he has joined the prison educational system, and finally has become a teachurrrrr….

h/t Latino Review for the Kingsley link