Mr. Peabody & Sherman Trailer Gives Me Bill & Ted Vibes



For the first time since How to Train Your Dragon (which they’ve rightfully capitalized the hell out of), I think Dreamworks animation may have a genuinely good movie on their hands that doesn’t depend on the usual template of pop songs and references. Granted, Jay Ward’s daughter is supervising, so they have more incentive than usual not to mess it up…not that that stopped the live-action Rocky and Bullwinkle, but animation-to-animation transitions are a bit easier.

I’ve seen more clips than have been released to the public, and found it a relief to have a kids’ movie protagonist who’s actually smart, and allowed to display intelligent humor (like the original cartoons, it may subtly teach the kids something about history while they’re not expecting it). The trailer mostly sells action beats, which may not appeal as much to the original generation of fans (let’s have a moratorium on giant portals in the sky, please), but the Trojan Horse gag is more indicative, from what I’ve seen, of the overall tone.

It’s time for cartoon movies to be fun again. Please don’t suck.

Trailer after the jump.