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Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Subway Pedophile Boxing Game



Have you ever had the desire to put on a pair of boxing gloves and roam the subways finding disgusting pervs to punch in the face? Have we got the downloadable app game for you. In the future year 20XX, numbers will be letters, and subways will be overrun with pedophiles. Punishment Punch Girl to the rescue!

Just like Batman, this masked avenger creates her own escalation, because these perverts actually WANT to get beaten up by a schoolgirl. Unlike Batman, she wears boxing gloves, because why not.


Punishment Punch Girl may fight fairly, but I’m not above cheap shots – so here’s Google Translator’s assessment of the plot, from the Japanese:

20XX year, hentai powerhouse Japan. It set out to change such time … Japanese super hentai gentlemen of Tsubuzoroi appeared one after another, justice and order in Japan has been Torimidasa, name of one also is without high school girls, to confront the pervert now! !

All, in the racy pose and costume, hentai gentlemen of 3D modeling appeal the hentai condition to “maple” and or even this. It is desired to sympathy kick and punch, to satisfy them is the cause (?) I’ll also possible to aim or a high score allowed to hit the Key points of hentai gentlemen, to compete ranking among users.

After the jump, check out the game intro and some of the action that ensues.

h/t Anyone00