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The Monsters University Deleted Intro You Didn’t See



I wasn’t a big fan of Monsters University, which used the college comedy formula while necessarily removing all the fun parts: sex, drunkenness, foul language, dirty pranks, etc. But I am a fan of looking inside the filmmaking process, where the choices made are often more informed than we may think.

After the jump, you can see a moment from the upcoming Blu-ray, with a storyboarded intro that laid out more specific details about the classes at Monsters University – but didn’t drive the main characters’ personal journeys forward, and was cut as a result. There’s a teacher interaction with an insect-sized student that’s pretty fun, and seems like too good a gag not to show up later in something else.

Because while I’d be happy to lose the money, my bet is this’ll be at least a trilogy before we’re done with Mike Wazowski.