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New Hobbit Trailer Has at Least One Amazing Spider, Man


See what I did there? Oh great gods of search engine optimization, I offer this sliver of my dignity to be sacrificed unto you, that I may be rewarded with readership riches untold!

So here’s a new poster:


And then after the jump, a trailer that is indeed heavy with arachnids and Luke Evans. Micro-sliver of Cumberbatch at the end – they’re really holding him in reserve, it seems. I don’t know my supplemental Tolkien texts well enough to know how the Necromancer figures into movie 3, but my guess is that the majority of the book stuff climaxes in this film.

If Leonard Nimoy does not show up at the end as some wise old elf to say “You truly are the bravest little Hobbit of them all,” I will be most disappointed.