In Letter to 7th Grader, DC Claims Their Movies Do Better Than Marvel’s

UnitedWeFall on Reddit


“many different distributors”? You mean how it was Paramount first, then Disney after the purchase was made? TWO = many? I guess you can include Lionsgate if we’re counting DTV animated – but I’m betting the kid wasn’t. And if we want to get technical, who owns the Adam West Batman rights, hmmmm?

I remember in the run-up to the Green Lantern movie, how I actually thought they had their act together. Ah, memories.

ADDENDUM: Some of you in comments have brought up Sony’s Spider-Man movies, and Fox’s X-Men/FF. My point is that even if you take those totally out of the equation and focus only on Marvel Studios…DC/WB is still owned. Add them, and it’s even more so, not less.