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Superbowl Spots: The Matrix‘s Morpheus Returns, Noah Gets Wet



Since we already made most of the Noah jokes, we might as well lead with the return of Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus. Following in the footsteps of his arch-enemy Agent Smith shilling for General Electric, Morpheus is pushing the new Kia. And singing opera, because you’d have to imagine he got really sick of the rave music in Zion and went in the other direction.

You know, I kinda miss the Matrix world. And wonder how the hell they get around in it these days, now that phone booths and landlines are all but obsolete.

Here’s Russell Crowe as Noah. Matin’ animals, makin’ boats and floodin’ ’round the world.

I know they’d never have the stones to do this – but the tagline should have been “The Original Rain Man.”

thanks to Edwin Santos for the Fishburne tip.