Reading Rainbow Return on Kickstarter – Own Wear Geordi’s Visor for $10,000



Yes, the program you possibly grew up with is trying to mount a comeback, free for schools, with the help of your donations. All based upon the current perceived star power of LeVar Burton.

Nothing against LeVar, but his pitch video is one that might make William Shatner pause and say, “Don’t you…think…You’re being…Abitegotistical?” Its premise is that even elementary school children are so star-struck by his presence that they can barely speak, and if he can find even five on the planet that actually react that way, I’m almost inclined to give him a grand that I totally don’t have.

None of which has anything to do with the merits of the program, or the fact that you can buy (you just get to wear it briefly? WTF?) Geordi’s visor from him for a $10,000 donation. But I think over-inflated Star Trek convention autograph prices may have gone to his head. Shatner or Nimoy would have thrown in at least one humbling moment – Burton leaves that to a fellow castmate at the end.