Marvel Reveals the Cover of Their 75th Anniversary Anthology



As hard to believe as it seems, Marvel Comics are 75 years old. In order to celebrate this milestone (and drain your wallets), the company will be releasing a variety of commemorative publications, beginning with the Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration anthology in October. Earlier today, Marvel revealed Paolo Rivera’s stunning cover for the comic, as well as the book’s lineup:

Emmy and Eisner-award winning storyteller Bruce Timm kicks off the celebration with a new story adapting Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge, a text story originally published in Captain America Comics #3 (1941) and the very first Marvel Comics work of the one and only Stan Lee!

Everyone remembers where they were the day the Fantastic Four were born. Now, witness that event through fresh eyes as comics superstars James Robinson and Chris Samnee take us back to that fateful day in Marvel History – and how it helped shape the next 75 years of Marvel Comics! Then, Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos bring you an all-new story featuring the soon-to-be star of her own Netflix series Jessica Jones as she investigates cases with connections to the history of the Marvel Universe!

But that’s not all! Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 also features legendary creators returning to their iconic takes on classic Marvel characters. Tom DeFalco joins Stan Goldberg & Scott Hanna for a classic tale starring Peter Parker! Len Wein & Paul Gulacy team for a new story featuring Wein’s most famous creation, Wolverine! And, blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis teams with a variety of Marvel’s finest artists on a series of covers devoted to the comics Marvel never published!

In addition to new stories from your favorite creators, this oversized anthology comes jam-packed with extras including articles, retrospectives, and a special tribute to Marvel creators who are no longer with us. Bursting with content, no fan can afford to miss the celebration of a lifetime when the Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices this October!

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Personally, the idealist in me was hoping for word that some of the proceeds from sales of this issue would go to Kirby family or to help cover Bill Mantlo’s ongoing medical costs. No such luck. And I think they missed a golden opportunity by not having this be the cover:


Oh Marvel I love you, but you make it so difficult sometimes.