BIG Transformers News! Titan Class Fortress Maximus, Fans’ Choice, Powermaster Optimus, MORE

Here’s a good look at the boxed-set version of Bruticus in G2 colors. Onslaught, Brawl, Swindle, Blast-Off, Vortex and a li’l Action Master-esque Shockwave look like they just finished a serious game of Splatoon. Combners and the Combiner wars theme will continue throughout 2016 and tie in to the new Machinima series.

B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_2 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_3 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_4 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_5 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_6 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_7 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_8 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_9 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_10 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_11 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_12 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_13 B3899AS00_TRA_Combiner_War_Bruticus_14 Combiner_Bruticus_Front_Panel

Here is your Leader Class Powermaster Prime, who reuses some Ultra Magnus parts but is mostly new tooling. As you can see, he has vehicle and base modes.
Leader Powermaster OP Base Leader Powermaster OP Minifig Leader Powermaster OP Robot Leader Powermaster OP Vehicle

Finally, on the next page, we have a lot of Robots in Disguise stuff…