Oh Hai Memorial Day! Tommy Wiseau Has a Wacky Seasonal Message



I guess this is an Urban Outfitters ad, even though it doesn’t really promote the product in any way. Nothing gets your message out like the “comedy” stylings of an Alien-American prone to rambling and spending millions of dollars on a movie that’s half out of focus (seriously, if you’re not familiar with The Room, take the time to watch this two-and-a-half minute edit which sums it up very well).

I can only assume he did not write the script for this, as some of the jokes are self-parody, which requires self-awareness, which almost nobody believes Wiseau actually has (except for those who think he’s mob-connected; his refusal to ever answer any question about his background with a direct answer is part of the appeal).

Not everyone finds the humor in this, but my holiday weekend is already happier for having seen it. View after the jump.

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