The Joker Adds “Scribbling on Other People’s Property” to His List of Hideous Crimes

Remember that bootleg Dark Knight trailer from a few days ago that I told you not to watch? Well, don’t watch this one either. Partially because it’s still filmed by an epileptic in back-left of the theater on a ’92 Sony Camcorder, and partially because it’s the “Joker-ized” version of the same trailer?where the Joker got his hands on the trailer and did his thing to it. It sounds like a cool concept, and it is a cool concept, but if you watch it?AND YOU SHOULDN’T, GODDAMMIT LISTEN TO ME?it’s execution is crap. Basically, all the Joker does is scribble over everything, draw clown faces on Bruce Wayne, arrows pointing to the Joker, glasses on Alfred (the horror!) and a bunch of bullshit scribbles everywhere else. Clever and intriguing, it is not, unless you’re a second grader who also likes scribbling in the margins of things.