Geek Apparel of the Week: Conservationist

This shirt is an oldie, but a goodie. Most of my fondest memories of grade school were in front of the ancient computers we didn’t even get until fifth grade, where we played a variety of Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego? (That Bitch Owes Me Money) and of course, Oregon Trail, where thousands of children died of dysentary, all in the name of eduction. Of course, the best of part of Oregon Trail was the hunting, because you got to shoot countless woodland creatures, none of which could do you any harm, and carry the meat back to feed your dysentery-riddled family. (“You have have killed 1268 pounds of meat. You can carry 3 pounds.”) Anyways, this shirt celebrates those times, and the necessity of keeping America’s electronic wildlife populations in check. It’s $20 over at 80sTees?just make sure you have room to carry it back to your wagon.