Hallmark Says Merry Christmas, You Stupid Nerds

As a card-carrying nerd, I’ve received more than my fair share of Hallmark’s Star Wars ornaments over the years; the company certainly makes a decent profit over holiday-loving nerds who buy whatever Hallmark flings out at the end of year. As you can see, X-mas ’08 is looking pretty good?that mini-Pac-Man arcade console actually has real game sound effects, the Kirk Drowning in Tribbles in awesome, the Dark Knight Batman is interesting at least, and the Muppets’ Statler and Waldorf is the fucking coolest ornament ever made. Head here to see the rest of the line-up, including:

? Spider-man
? Superman
? Iron Man (movie)
? Indiana Jones
? Speed Racer’s Mach 5
? Space Ghost
? A few Star Wars and Star Trek spaceships
? Vader and Luke fighting on the Death Star

..and more. Much thanks to the irascible and new TR contributor Chris Cummins for the tip.