Last Call for Vegas’ Star Trek: The Experience

Star Trek: The Experience?a legendarily nerd Trek-based restaurant and bar, situated in the Las Vegas Hilton. It’s mission: to get nerds to massively overpay for food and booze with Star Trek-themed names. That mission is coming to an end, as Star Trek: The Experience will close this September.

Oh, I poke fun, but but I’m sad to see it go?especially just before J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Trek movie, which couldn’t have hurt interest in the bar, at least, anymore than it already is. Besides, if there were a Star Wars version of this thing?a cantina that served Han Solo-themed cocktails and blue milk (and now that I think about it, why the fuck isn’t there one?)?I’d be there in a heartbeat, overpaying for Mon Fried Calamari and everything else on the menu. Good-bye, sweet Experience! You were certainly one of the world dorkiest meccas!