Tron Returns with Jeff Bridges and Stupid Name

At yesterday’s Disney panel?where the main event was the Rock-starring Return to Witch Mountain, which, by all accounts, is surprisingly not terrible?attendees got a special look at Tron 2, which has the tragically stupid title of Tr2n. (Numbers aren’t vowels, people, and the number 2 is especially not an “O”.) Ridiculous title aside, not only where the visuals good?a nice mix of today’s technology and a retro-throwback to computer graphics circa 1982, but it turns out Jeff Bridges will be starring in the damn thing! /Film has a run down of the trailer, which I won’t copy because 1) that would be rude and 2) I’m really lazy.

How awesome is Jeff Bridges? He doesn’t need the money, and he sure doesn’t need to star in some 25+ year old sequel to a goofy kids’ sci-fi flick he was in before he was a star. But he’s willing to do so, and there’s about a 2000% chance that the movie will at least be pretty good, thanks entirely to him. You’re a good man, Bridges! And thanks for riding that Segway in Iron Man, because it was fucking hilarious.