Mega Man’s Going to Party Like It’s 1989

Among the many, many reasons it’s awesome to be a nerd these days, the fact that Capcom is making Mega Man 9 as an old-school NES game?one available for download on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3?has to be one of them. If watching the above intro doesn’t fill your heart with nostalgic joy, you’re either soulless or were born after 1987 (which is more or less the same thing, really). In this one, Mega Man will be fighting Tornado Man, Concrete Man, Magma Man and more, and stealing their power for his own. Plus, Capcom is even including old-style Nintendo bugs like screen flicker…as an option! You know, if all the videogame companies just took a month off to make new NES games. I’d be totally, totally fine with that. (Via Kotaku)