Pegg and Sylar Talk Confusingly About New Trek Movie

Are some of you under the impression that J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek movie is a reboot, and not just a prequel? That’s it’s resetting the franchise? Well, knock it off. That’s totally wrong. So says Simon Pegg, settling a dispute I had no idea existed. From AceShowbiz:

On Pegg’s story, it is reported that the depicter of the younger version of Montgomery “Scotty” Scott has eliminated the question that the movie may be a reboot. Talking to Starlog Magazine, he explained, “I often see Star Trek being referred to as a remake, and it really isn’t. It’s another Star Trek film; it’s another movie in the series. It’s the continuing mission.”

I had no idea anyone thought that Abrams and Paramount would have the insane balls to just start Trek over, but hopefully that settles that. But the weirdness isn’t quite over, as Sylar?a.k.a. Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock?had this to say about where the new Trek movie fits in:

First is Quinto who revealed further information on his famous character, Spock. In a recent interview with CreationTV, the “Heroes” villain can be heard saying, “This story happens sort of irrespective of where the Spock we’ve come to know ends up.” Highlighting the “irrespective” word he stressed on, some publication speculated that perhaps his Spock won’t be the same as Leonard Nimoy’s.

So is this an alternate universe Trek? Does it start a divergent timeline? When Nimoy makes his cameo, is he future Spock, or future Spock from another universe? If it’s not a reboot, it has to at least start in the regular Trek universe, right? I’d like to think that this will have Trek fans up in arms, but between all the time-travel shenanigans and given how much contradiction their little universe already has, if there’s any sci-fi franchise that can handle a divergent timeline, it’s probably Trek. Anyone disagree?