Another Indiana Jones Theme Song That Will Make Your Flesh Crawl

Oh god. There’s clearly something about Indiana Jones that invites people to sing songs about the whip-wielding archaeologist, but that somehow prevents them from creating things that aren’t atrocious. For example: this guy, who’s made his own song to John Williams’ Indy Theme. Now, the guy has a decent voice, but between the lyrics and the video, I actually want to skin myself it’s so tragic. Now, I’ll still put it above this one, which just makes me hate. But please, don’t watch this?it’s like looking into the Ark…but while a guy sings the Indiana Jones theme. Your ears will melt faster than your face, if you’re lucky.

Notably, the same dude has created a similar work for the Back to the Future theme?not Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love,” of course, but the orchestral music?which includes him playing Marty, Doc and a few other Martys, and even harmonizing with himself. It actually walks the fine line of being clever and funny before toppling over the side and forcing me to beat my head against the desk until I fell unconscious?check it out here at your own risk. No thanks to industrious Nazi-hater Clarence for the tip.