Is Fox Suing the Watchmen Movie to Get the ’60s Batman DVD Rights?

Um, maybe? I don’t really know, but it sounds so damn crazy as to be potentially possible. Comic Book Resources claims “sources” have told them that?hell, I’ll just let them tell you:

Sources tell me that Fox want the 1960s Batman TV series. Currently Fox own the TV footage, but Warner Bros own the characters and trademarks, via their ownership of DC Comics. The rights to a DVD release have been held up for a long time now, and this case looks like it may be the instrument to release them.

Oh, Fox will get a wodge of cash as well – many millions of dollars it seems. But it seems they also want the rights to release the Adam West-starring Batman on DVD, something long denied fans of the series. And Warners will get the ?Watchmen? film, to release as planned.

First of all, “wodge” isn’t a word. You possibly mean “wedge,” but more likely “wad.” Secondly, I actually have little doubt that Fox is asking for the rights to release the ’60s Batman show they’ve been sitting on for decades at this point. While it might not be a goldmine, it’ll make some serious cash, and I know Fox and Warner Bros. have been arguing over the show for years. Still, Comic Book Resources is implying the Watchmen lawsuit is just an elaborate cover for getting the ’60s Batman show released, and that I don’t buy?I imagine Fox saw a legal loophole which could net them free cash for Warner’s Watchmen movie, and then it dawned on someone, since they were suing anyways, to go ahead and give the Bat-rights a shot.

So there’s potentially a scenario where the lawsuit is settled, Warner Bros. releases the Watchmen movie, and Fox finally releases the ’60s Batman TV show on DVD, and the fans explode in joy. Which means this scenario has a one in 10 jillion chance of happening.