The New Trek Movie/Shatner Controversy Is the Most Polite Controversy of All Time

So about a week or so ago, wunder-direktor J.J. Abrams claimed that he offered Wlliam Shatner a cameo in his new Star Trek movie, but that it didn’t work, and Shatner wanted more focus on Kirk than the movie could give. Now Shatner has replied via his YouTube channel (also: Shatner has a YouTube channel) where he denies he was offered a role, but has no problems with Abrams, the new Trek movie, or anybody. I was expecting to report this and have to bitch about how both sides are lying, that we’ll never know the truth, that both Abrams and Shatner are needlessly being shitty. But actually, this is the most polite, nice “fight” I’ve ever seen. Abrams says Shatner deserves as a big a cameo as possible; Shatner loves Abrams’ work and hopes the new Trek movie launches a new franchise. I don’t know what the truth is here, but I’m pleased as punch that these guys couldn’t think more highly of each other, even when one of them has to be lying.