A Topless Robot PSA

Okay, this is kind of weird, since it’s not in TR‘s purview and we all know nerds don’t have sex anyways (this is a scientific fact). But a good friend of the site has asked for some Topless and Robotic love, and we shan’t deny them.

Basically, 19 million kids gets STDs every year, or about the state of New York. One might think this is perhaps because of sex education which focuses on abstinence instead of safe sex?since teens have never been abstinent in all of recorded history?but whatever. MTV and Trojan are teaming up to give away one million condoms through their site every comment left on a video on the site, Trojan will donate 1 condom. For every rating left on the site another one. If someone takes the pledge or the quiz on the site, Trojan will donate 2 condoms. Every time the site is forwarded to a friend, Trojan will donate 3 condoms, and if you upload a video, Trojan will donate 5 condoms.

Now again, if you’re reading TR on purpose, you can’t possibly be having sex yourself. But you can still comment on the site, and tell all your sex-having friends to do the same?and please do. We now return you to your regularly scheduled nerdery.