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Captain America Is In the Hulk Movie, Kind Of


Okay. Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrierererer is no longer a liar?Captain America has been spotted by a large number of eagle-eyed nerds with Blu-ray players who got their screener copies of the movie last week. As you can see above, there is indeed a scarcely visible Cap-shaped blob in one of the ice floes seen in the DVD’s alternate opening.

I’m not sure why I’m no longer excited or impressed. I’m sure it’s partially because a vague shadow of a Cap-sicle isn’t exactly Sam Jackson announcing to Robert Downey Jr. he’s Nick Fury. Also, until some higher-res shots came out last night, that blob looked nothing like Cap?you definitely need a Blu-ray player, HD TV, a pause button and a fair amount of time to find him. Until I saw the better pics this morning, I was prepared to announce the nerdonet had a major case of wishful thinking (obviously, I begrudgingly accept the above proof). Last but not least, I blame Leterrier. He’s the one who got everyone worked up about Cap for the Hulk premiere, swearing it was definitely in there even the Wednesday before the movie opened. While I guess he’s been vindicated, how out of the loop did he have to be to know know that his opening was getting cut, two days before Hulk was released?

So…yeah. Cap. I still feel empty inside. (Via First Showing)