MTV’s Splashpage Must Be Stopped


So it’s a slow news day. Not much of nerdy interest going on. When that happens, I scour the intertubes, looking for something at least mildly amusing to post. The folks over at MTV’s Splashpage, however, uses their MTV clout to ask ridiculous questions of movie stars, and then transforms their vague answers into ludicrous and highly inaccurate stories. And it’s fucking driving me crazy.

For instance, yesterday Splashpage posted the story “Maggie Gyllenhall Sets Eyes on Zombie Catwoman for Batman 3.” Crazy, right? Maggie Gyllenhall wants her dead character of Rachel Dawes to return, and wants to be Catwoman? She’s actively seeking this bizarre take on the villainess? Well, no. Not at all. Here’s the article under the headline:

Case in point, at a recent H&M fashion event, MTV News caught up with ?Dark Knight? star Maggie Gyllenhaal and asked if she?d like to be onboard for ?Batman 3? ? despite the fact that her character, Rachel Dawes, met the business end of a warehouse full of explosives. Always a good sport, Gyllenhaal replied, ?If they can work it out, I would be happy to be in another ?Batman.? If Chris Nolan is directing it, sure.?

Meanwhile, since it?s impossible to ask ?Batman?-related questions without bringing up villains, Gyllenhaal was then asked, if she could play a villain in ?Batman 3,? which would it be?

?I guess I would like to play Catwoman,? she replied. ?But it seems unlikely at this point, right??

So let’s spell this out. Despite the fact that her character of Rachel Dawes died in The Dark Knight, Gyllenhall was asked if she’d like to return for Batman 3. Gyllenhall said although it seemed unlikely she could return, she’d be willing. MTV then asked if she was going to play a villain in Batman 3?although there’s less than zero evidence to support such a possibility?who would it be, and Gyllenhall replied Catwoman, one of three female Bat-villains (with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn). Okay.

THIS IS NOT MAGGIE GYLLENHALL SETTING HER EYES ON ZOMBIE CATWOMAN FOR BATMAN 3, GODDAMMIT. This is MTV asking meaningless, highly leading questions, and turning Gyllenhall’s answers into a “news story” which has no truth to it and makes no damn sense at all.

Now, I know some of the guys over there, and they’re good folks. I have little doubt they’re scrambling to meet some insane article quota, or are given the MTV News interviews and told to make a story of the quotes, without regard for actual newsworthiness. And Splashpage has some good news in between the “Will Martin Lawrence play Doctor Strange? Despite no evidence for thinking so, we asked him, and since he didn’t pick up the phone, he didn’t deny it!” articles. But I just know some of the news outlets are going to pick up on the “story” because it’s MTV, and it has the readership and the clout, despite the fact there’s not an iota of fact anywhere in there. And it’s fucking driving me crazy.