Alan Moore’s Nightmare for Sale

When Alan Moore bitches about movies of his works, he’s equally upset about the crass merchandising of his intellectual properties. I’m pretty sure he’s tormented by dreams of “Tickle Me Rorschach” dolls lining the aisles at Toys R Us. and while we may condemn the seemingly misguided attempt to make a Watchmen prequel videogame, I think there are very few of us who aren’t ecstatic that DC Direct will be pumping out all the Wtachmen toys our grubby little hands can carry, Moore be damned. That’s the second wave of figures above, including the “Flashback” Comedian (which is weird, because he’s clearly in a totally different outfit in his Minutemen pic), translucent Dr. Manhattan (why didn’t they just make the first Dr. Manhattan translucent?) and maskless Rorschach, which will assumably have a real head in lieu of a gray blob. Of course that’s not all; ToysNewsI has a pic of a Owlship/Archie replica, while /Film also has a nice look at the prop replicas of Rorschach’s mask and grapple gun. Just remember, Watchmen fans?every time you buy Watchmen merchandise, Alan Moore kills an angel…and stuffs it in his beard.