For Cobra Commander, Resolute = Sweet Cape

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the first G.I. Joe: Resolute cartoon action figure–Cobra Commander. Those previous Resolute figures? They were 2-packs from the Resolute comic book, which i probably should have clarified, but 1) Zach Oat clarified it in the comments anyways, and 2) I’m intensely, intensely lazy. Hisstank dug up this picture of in-package CC, who will officially be part of Wave 13 of the single figures.

I’m not really digging the retro-style packaging–there’s already been 12 waves of single-carded figures with retro-style packaging, frankly, and I’m a hell of a lot more interesting to see what CC will actually look like in the cartoon. Still, a would-be world conqueror can’t go wrong with a cape and sword. Very Napoleonic. Slightly less garish that a gigantic green-yellow snake costume (cough *Serpentor* cough). (Via Hisstank)