The Greatest Nerd Auction of All Time?

Answer: Pretty much. Profiles in History–whoever the hell they are–will be auctioning off a treasure trove of nerd movie masterpieces in the U.K. on December 11, including some items by Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz. The big ticket item is Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back–not a replica, not a back-up, the lightsaber Mark Hamill held in his hand during both movies–for $185,000. But that’s hardly all. Other highlights:

? Indiana Jones’ whip and fedora from Temple of Doom: $61k each
? C-3PO’s face for $83k, hands for $30k
? Marlon Brando’s Jor-el costume from Superman, $51k
? Lord of the Rings books signed by Tolkien, $124k
? Some animatronic Gremlins as well as Gizmo
? Some other shit

Actually, there’s a lot of other shit; check out this article (and check out Gizmodo, who translated most of the pounds into dollars, and which I stole for this article). Then forward the article to your friends and family, and point out that if they really loved you, they’d buy you Luke’s lightsaber for Christmas. It’s what I’m doing.