The Zombie Revolution Will Be Cinematized

Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster is going to make a movie of World War Z, the “stories of survivors of the zombie apocalypse” book written by Max Brooks. J. Michael Straczynski will be writing thee script (some time in-between the other 1800 or so scripts he’s been hired to write over the last year) which I’m a bit ambivalent about. Brad Pitt is producing the flick, but I’ll eat my hat if he stars in it?he doesn’t seem a zombie movie type to me.

Despite the recent glut of zombie films?a glut I’m totally fine with, because zombies are awesome?World War Z is a pretty cool take on the subject, focusing on the human drama and the emotional aftermath of a civilization-destroying attack by the living dead, as it’s set 10 years after the war. But nobody tell George Romero, because he’ll be crushed. (Via /Film)