TR Contest: Stupidest Lack of Technology in Sci-Fi

All right, folks. It’s finally time to end the week, for me to hit the road for the holidays (don’t worry, I’ll be here on Monday), and for you to scramble to win a cheap but reasonably comfortable TR t-shirt. Since this will be the last TR Contest for a few weeks (I’ll be taking the Fridays after Christmas and New Year’s Day off) I figured I’d make this one a little challenging.

In case the subject is unclear, let me explain–no science fiction writer is perfect. They can predict whatever they want, but they’re always going to miss some technology that was made available a few years after they created their series set in far-off 2001. The big example everyone uses is how in Star Trek, tricorders can cure just about everything with the apparent exception of Captain Picard’s bald spot. And if you check out the spaceship display screens in Star Wars, you might see graphics a little lower tech than Windows 3.1.

So there it is–movies, TV shows, cartoons and videogames are all in the running. As always, check out the rules here, and remember, you have until 3am Monday the 21st (EST) to enter. And rest assured, if I could give a shirt to all you poor bastards you read today’s FFF, I would. I’m so sorry.