Breaking: Watchmen Might Not Be F@#ked

Here’s a huge fucking surprise–Well, with 11 days to go until Judge Gary Feess will rule whether Fox can get an injunction to stop/delay Watchmen‘s theatrical release, Fox and Warner are “talking.” This news is on most of the entertainment sites, but big sis Nikke Finke has the real scoop, of course.

According to court documents, Fox and Warner Bros have conducted the
settlement talks since last weekend and made concessions. This
is surprising since WB lawyers announced they would continue to fight
immediately after Feess announced his intention to rule in favor of Fox
for copyight infringement and distribution rights.

Yes, WB will fight to the last, even if it means giving Fox a huge sack of money! Never surrender! Not that Fox is any better:

Insiders tell me that this is the first time both sides are trying to
hash out a settlement. Of course, Fox has been complaining all along
that its approaches to WB have been rebuffed since long before the
movie was even made. But I also heard that WB wouldn’t even engage
after federal judge Gary Feess recently announced his intention to rule
in Fox’s favor on the copyright infringement and distribution angle.
Now, sources tell me, “Warner Bros is finally freaked out.”

Yes, Fox, who has denied wanting money from the very beginning, and swearing on their very soles all they wanted to do was keep the film from being released. Because Warner Bros. wouldn’t talk to them about getting free money. Sigh.

We all knew this was coming but I guess I’d have a little more respect for Fox if they actually had stuck to their guns and just tried to squash the movie out of existence. And it would be nice if Warner also meant anything they said about Fox’s claims being baseless and how they were going to fight it. Whatever. Fuck ’em both.

So it looks like there’s a 98% we’ll see Watchmen in March after all. And to make up for they money they have to pay Fox, I’m sure Warner will simply jack up the prices on all their awesome and reasonable Watchmen merchandise.
You know, it’s getting to the point where I’m really just far more entertained by imagining Alan Moore seeing all this shit and tearing out his massive, massive beard. Thanks to NeoXorn for the tip. Image from an old SA Photoshop Phriday.