So I Think Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li Must Be a Silent Movie

Because this is like the eighth trailer for the film released, and they still haven’t allowed Kristen Kreuk to say a line of dialogue. I guess  the Japanese trailer makes the film look better…marginally…with a few more action shots, but still, you can clearly see Chun Li beating up the dude playing Bison while he’s in a suit, and goddamn, I can see people in suits getting beat up by women in about 100 other movies. Way to take out everything interesting about Street Fighter out of your Street Fighter movies, guys.

You know, I just had a very depressing thought. even in the ridiculous Van Damme Street Fighter movie, Chun Li — played by a visibly embarrassing Ming-na Wen — at least did her trademark upside down spin kick. Is it possible that this new movie, supposedly focused entirely on Chun Li, wouldn’t even give us that? I’d hate to think so, but…