DVD Day: February 3rd, 2009


? Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XIV
Four more flicks, including Mad Monster (an old season 1 episode), Manhunt in Space (a very solid season 4 ep, and one of my favorites because of Winky), Soultaker (the 10 season premiere where Joel and TV’s Frank stop by) and Final Justice (where Joe Don Baker manages to play another cop just as loathsome as Mitchell).

? Zack & Miri Make a Porno
Do Kevin Smith flicks deserve to be mentioned here? Especially his most commercially viable film? Enh, probably not, but it’s a slow week.

? His Name Is Jason
Four hours of documentaries and bonus features about the Friday the 13th series. That’s quite a lot. Possibly more than necessary.

? Afro Samurai: Resurrection Director’s Cut
Actually, I once interviewed the director of Afro Samurai in Japan. He was an incredibly, incredibly boring guy. The creator was cool, though.

? Street Fighter: Round One – FIGHT!
All right, kids — you’ve bitched all about the Watchmen motion comic DVD. How do you feel about a Street Fighter one? I’m sure the fight scenes are just spectacular.

? Inspector Gadget’s Last Case: Claw’s Revenge
The controversial final episodes where Dr. Claw catches Gadget, murders him in cold blood, and sends pieces back to Penny and Brain for the next several months.

? The Bloody Ape
From Brains on Film’s review: “Violence, blood, nudity, exploitation, satire, nip twisting, ape
ravaging, hippie genital removal, a nickel and dime budget and more
than anything, a filmmaker who gives a damn.” Awesome.