Josh Brolin Is Officially Jonah Hex


Well, despite the fact that Warner Bros. has put all their DC movies on hold, as I predicted Jonah Hex was not affected since most Warner execs probably have no idea he’s a comic character. At any rate, Variety sez the rumors are true — Josh Brolin has signed on to play Hex, as well as John Malkovich (MALKOVICH!), who will play Turnbull, “ a wealthy Southern plantation owner whose son is killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War” and who thinks Hex is to blame.

I’m not sure this does Brolin’s career any good, but it’s certainly good news for Hex fans. Also, I know I’ve bitched about the director before — the guy who did Horton Hears a Who — but I didn’t realize the guys who wrote Crank also wrote the Hex script. I finally saw Crank a few weeks ago, and thus will officially change my stance on Hex from “needless, obnoxious pessimism” to “cautious optimism.”