There’s Going to Be a G.I. Joe Movie Videogame

…and I how no idea how to feel about it. EA’s making it, which could mean it’ll be good, or it could mean nothing. I don’t know! Kotaku reports:

The game will release this summer to coincide with the theatrical release of G.I. JOE;
The Rise of Cobra live-action movie on Aug. 7. G.I. Joe will feature a
storyline that picks up where the movie leaves off and includes a dozen
G.I. Joe characters. It will also include a single-screen co-op mode. According to the game’s website you can:

* Assemble an elite JOE team and call in reinforcements when the mission gets down and dirty.
* Choose from 12 of your favorite JOEs, each with a unique set of skills and weapons.
* Gear up with the latest in high-tech gadgets.
* Jump into, steal or hijack powerful G.I. JOE or COBRA vehicles, then fire away!

There’s a significant part of me that wants to be excited about any G.I. Joe videogame, but then I think about the Speedsuits and the Doctor and all that jazz, and I just end up really conflicted. I guess I’ll be able to tell more if screenshots or video footage comes out of the New York Toy Fair next week.

But no matter what it ends up like, it will never match the majestic awesomeness of the Konami G.I. Joe arcade game from 1992, which involves shooting thousands of Cobra soldiers, blowing up every Cobra vehicle ever, and even destroying the Terrordrome, as you can see in the above video. If you haven’t seen it before –it never made it to consoles, because God hates us — fast-forward to 2:30 to see the gameplay and cry. If you have seen it, watch it anyways, and know that the high point happened in 1992, and it will never, ever get any better than that. And then cry.