Watchmen’s Keene Act and Black Freighter PSAs

How the hell did the Watchmen team have so much goddamn time on their hands to make all this supplementary material? It’s insane; clearly, the whole Fox lawsuit didn’t cause them to rest on their laurels even with the risk of all their work being for naught. Anyways, this new video — a ’70s PSA from the government about the Keene Act and how vigilantes are bad juju– isn’t their best, but it does have some incredibly bad, ’70s-style animation, which is fun.

And there isn’t really a Black Freighter PSA — just some screenshots from the cartoon — but there totally should be. For instance, don’t make a raft of corpses:

Or otherwise, you tend to go batshit crazy.
And that’s one to grow on! There are a couple more shots over at Joblo — thanks to Kevin and Chris for the tips.