DVD Day: March 17th, 2009


? Punisher: War Zone
Call me crazy, but this film’s trailers looked great, although it still got savaged by critics and the box office. Who saw it? What was the problem? It can’t be worse than the Tom Jane one, can it? How worried should I be that Netflix is mailing it to me tomorrow?

? Twilight
Sparkling vampires. I’m tell you it’s getting released today because I think many (or, possibly, any) of you will buy it, but to warn you if you head to Best Buy to pick up anything, you’ll be dealing with several million tween girls in “Team Edward” shirts.

? The Princess Bride
I think I’ve bought more copies of Princess Bride than any other movie. Anyways, this one is the Blu-ray; I’m sure there will be 8 more incrementally better versions later, so you might want to hold off.

? A Pup Named Scooby-Doo: Complete 2nd, 3rd and 4th Seasons
This is still only two discs. If you can fit three seasons of anything into two DVDs, I think you’re doing something wrong.

? The Spectacular Spider-man Vol. 2 and 3
Look, we both know I have to list this because it’s a Spider-man cartoon, but you’re only going to potentially buy this series if it comes out in a real season one set. So let’s just move on.

? Princess Resurrection Collection 1
Holy shit! ADV actually put out an anime! Enjoy it, since it’s about a princess who kills classic monsters with a chainsaw (and various other weapons) and because god knows if ADV will survive long enough to put out collection 2.

? Angel Wars: The Messengers

How did I not know a horrible CG-animated Christian cartoon about angel-people flying around in a Final Fantasy-reject airship and fighting Satan-robots existed?