Final Wolverine Trailer Does Not Solve the Deadpool Dilemma (UPDATED)

USA Today has the last trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie (definitely hit the full-screen feature if you want to see anything), and there’s plenty of running and jumping and Gambit seemingly moving cards with his mind and li’l Cyclops doing math and Deadpool twirling in the air. But since I know all you really care about is the Deadpool dilemma as mentioned when we saw this figure of a heavily scarred dude with a singular claw on each hand, which was purportedly Deadpool, here’s what this trailer shows: The scarred dude, with the claws, clawing Wolverine. We also see him shooting a Cyclops-like laser beam from his eyes at one point, thus indicating whoever or whatever he is, he has an amalgamation of mutant powers. Also: He does not look especially like Ryan Reynolds, at least as far as I can tell. So it might not be Deadpool.

But I think it still is. Admittedly,  the toy that so troubled us could be a production error, like a figure in the wrong package (it happens). It could be a variant of a different character from the film, which Hasbro has chosen to put in the Deadpool package to help keep the character a secret.

I know a lot of you would like to believe one of these things, but the toy is still labeled “Deadpool,” and thus, I have to believe that’s who this dude is. Why Deadpool would suddenly get a plethora of X-powers is beyond me, but I’m dead certain Hasbro does not fuck around with its major toylines to accommodate movies (remember when Anakin’s AotC figure came with a removable arm a month before the movie premiered?). While the above explanations are technically possible, the most plausible theory is the toy is labeled Deadpool because it’s Deadpool. A variant of Deadpool, but Deadpool nonetheless. Sorry, folks. I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

UPDATE: So you guys think that’s Weapon XI, do you? Say, Superhero Squad packaging, what do you think?


If you can’t read that text (besides the big label reading “Deadpool”), it says “”With the ultimate mutant, Deadpool, on the loose, Logan and Victor Creed are forced to team up- or be destroyed.” Tipster Kris emailed me to let me know that text is actually a sticker. Want to know what’s under it? Text which reads:

 “The Weapon 11 program has created the ultimate mutant-DEADPOOL! As the mutant menace rampages across Three Mile Island, Logan and Victor Creed are forced to team up–or be destroyed.”

In summary: Weapon XI is scarred Deadpool played by Scott Adkins. With claws. Enjoy.