United Nations to Discuss Battlestar Galactica (That’s Not a Joke, They Really Are)

battlestar_galactica supper.jpg

Uh…okay. From the Chicago Tribune:

Over the course of its four seasons, “Battlestar Galactica
has been lauded for its nuanced portrayal of war, faith and morality.
Since it debuted six years ago, the Sci Fi drama about a rag-tag space
fleet has offered challenging fictional depictions of problems
afflicting our planet in the here and now.

And now a discussion of how those very issues have been handled on the show will take place at the United Nations.

March 17, there will be a “Battlestar” retrospective at the U.N. in New
York and a panel discussion of how the show examined issues such as
“human rights, children and armed conflict, terrorism, human rights and
reconciliation and dialogue among civilizations and faith,” according
to Sci Fi.

Really? I mean, I think that BSG is pretty good, but doesn’t the U.N. have some wars to stop or something? Maybe a famine or something?

The “Battlestar” contingent on the panel will consist
of executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, as well as stars
Mary McDonnell (who plays president Laura Roslin on the show) and
Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama).

No, seriously — there are plenty of countries who are in deep shit right now. How about you not stage a mini-convention so can get your in-package toys signed, and get to work on solving some actual problems, okay? Maybe a plan to keep third-world nations from descending into cannibalism because of the fucked world economy?

The panel will be moderated by “Battlestar” fan Whoopi Goldberg.